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New 2:1 Jib Sheet Harness

By webmaster - Posted on 21 December 2013

After discovering the frayed jib sheet harness, I mentioned in my post I would make a new harness for the spring season.  Here it is.

The harness is made from 1/8" Dyneema.  The brummel splices are locked with nylon thread.

Flying Scot 2:1 Jib Sheet HarnessFlying Scot 2:1 Jib Sheet Harness

1/8th Inch Dyneema1/8th Inch Dyneema

You may have noticed the harness has a much shorter clew attachment than the original harness.  The reason is this one is intended to be attached using a soft shackle.  This will allow changing jibs without needing to reroute the jib sheets.

Jib Sheet Harness InstalledJib Sheet Harness Installed

You can click on these photos to see them enlarged.


blough's picture

Glenn said:  "using a soft shackle...will allow changing jibs without needing to reroute."

I say, "Cool, because now you can put reference marks on your jib sheets, and they will be very repeatable."

Once I go to a soft shackle, i will need to find a new excuse for not reference-marking the sheets.